Selah Hub

The Selah Team has been called to establish a multi-ethnic and multi-disciplinary team dedicated to the ongoing development, training, and care of missionaries that is both accessible and hospitable.

We believe the best support for missionaries comes from well-staffed hubs that focus on the whole person, not solely mental health or spiritual guidance. This center needs to be outside the sending country, close in physical proximity to those in the field, and capable of addressing the needs of missionaries from a wide range of backgrounds.

Our Spain team lives in community providing a “one-stop-shop” where missionaries, their families, or entire teams receive both training and care to sustain them for the long haul.

Why Spain?

Research has shown that overall missionary stress is significantly reduced if dependable support is reasonably close and accessible when needed. Spain is the most strategic spot for CRM’s efforts in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East because it is:

  • Accessible
    minimal visa issues for nationals; within striking distance of our existing teams
  • Strategic
    ideal launching pad for equipping and sending missionaries into this region of the world
  • Hospitable
    missionaries often need to come up for air while living in difficult religious, physical, and political environments.
  • An unreached people group
    despite being known as a “Christian” country, Spain is less than 1% evangelized.