The Team

Lily Chou
M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy
Malaga, Spain

Lily provides counseling and training in areas of identity, relationships/intimacy, burnout, trauma, grief/loss; life, developmental, and cross-cultural transitions. Offers pastoral/lay counseling  training. Specializes in attachment work, including attachment to God. Crisis debriefing for individuals and teams.

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Dr. Alex Galloway
Psy.D. Clinical Psychology
Malaga, Spain

Alex has specialized interest in trauma recovery, marriage counseling, internet addiction and the holistic care of God’s people. He enjoys encouraging, equipping, and empowering those who minister on the “front lines.”

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Amy Galloway
M.S. Human Communication
Malaga, Spain

Amy makes a special contribution to the team with her deep love for women in ministry and their families. She ministers and trains in areas of discovering calling; parenting and co-parenting, managing transitions and women in leadership.

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Vivian Ochoa
M.A. Pastoral Counseling

Vivian provides pastoral counseling, especially in the areas of transition, grief and loss, interpersonal issues, crisis response, burnout, faith struggles and spiritual pathways.  She is also passionate about seeing individuals develop intimacy with God and identity in Him.  Vivian enjoys meeting with individuals and small groups and is able to provide care in both English and Spanish languages.

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Jessica Pickford
Pastoral Counselling
Malaga, Spain

Jessica ministers in the area of inner healing; particularly in the areas of anxiety, faith struggles, depression, eating disorders and sexuality. She has a heart to help individuals and groups draw close to God, so they are able to live in God’s fullness, fulfil his purpose for their lives and continue to grow in Him.

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Andrew Pickford
Pastoral Counselling and Holistic Care Coordinator
Malaga, Spain

Andrew ministers particularly in the areas of identity, sexuality and addictive behaviours. He is passionate about inner healing and has a heart to see men live in joy and freedom in their walk with God.  Andrew also coordinates care visits to Malaga.

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Debbie Schuster
Ph.D. Intercultural Studies (ABD), Spiritual Direction
Malaga, Spain

Debbie ministers and trains in spiritual formation, retreat direction and pastoral counseling.  She provides spiritual companionship as well as discernment and prayer rhythms for both individuals and teams.

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Jeff Simons
M.A. Intercultural Studies, Leadership Coaching
Malaga, Spain

Jeff provides training and coaching in cross-cultural perspectives/tools/strategy; self-care for lifelong leadership; postmodern mission models; and egalitarian models. Also has a heart for supporting practices of silence, centering, and group discernment.

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Ardath Smith
M.A. & Th.M. in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care
Wisconsin, USA

Ardath provides Spiritual direction; pastoral counseling; retreats for individuals, couples, and teams. Trains in areas of spiritual formation, spiritual companionship, and the inter-related knowledge of God and self. Also ministers in areas of debriefing as well as navigating life and spiritual transitions.

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Annie Erickson (Associate member)
Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counselling
South Africa

Annie offers spiritual direction and pastoral counselling to pastors, missionaries and church leaders around the world. She has a heart to pour into those who are pouring into others. She is passionate about normalising and working with people in the areas of  marginalised grief, wrestling with issues of faith and doubt, and anger with God.

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